"My Intraceuticals treatment kept me glowing throughout my 20 hour photo session. Gina Brooke is amazing too!.".

“Intraceuticals for president”
Armie Hammer

“My skin responds to Intraceuticals oxygen treatment and products better than anything else I use. Nothing else gives me the hydrated glow that Intraceuticals does. I can’t say enough about the delivery system and the products!”
Elizabeth Chambers Hammer
Journalist and Television Personality

"Thank you Intraceuticals. When constantly travelling I get dehydrated and Intraceuticals is an absolute necessity to replenish my skin".
Naomi Campbell

“Intraceuticals has transformed my skin. Thank you! xoxo”
Jessica Biel

" I love Intraceuticals it keeps my skin healthy and fresh "
Miley Cyrus

"With Intraceuticals treatments I always look and feel my best! "
Paula Patton

"I know I can count on Intraceuticals when I need to be instantly glowing and looking my best for that special occasion xxoo "
Kathy Hilton

"I love the Intraceuticals Facial Treatments. Getting them makes me feel so rejuvenated and refreshed. xo".
Kim Kardashian

“The treatments are a necessity before every major event”.
Eva Longoria

“It makes my skin look dope”.
Justin Timberlake

"I use Intraceuticals oxygen skin treatment to hydrate my skin and give me that fresh, well slept glowing look before any performance or appearance".
Katy Perry

"Intraceuticals facials leave my skin glowing and radiant! Thank you".
Miranda Kerr
Victoria Secrets Model

"I am in the business of beauty and perfection and this is the ultimate secret weapon".
John Galliano
Fashion designer

"Thank you Intraceuticals. When I'm on the road it's important to take care of my skin".
Artist & Actress

“Thank you Intraceuticals for a flawless and glowing appearance every time.”
Molly Sims

"Travelling and keeping my hectic schedule can be exhausting, but an Intraceuticals treatment keeps my skin looking well rested and glowing. I can't live without it!"
Rachel Zoe
Fashion Stylist to the Stars

"For a smooth soulful performance everytime..I dig Intraceuticals!"
Robin Thicke

"Intraceuticals treatments makes my skin glow and look perfect without make-up."
Jessica Stam

"Intraceuticals is my go to Skincare to prep the face prior to red carpet events and photo shoots. The 3 step Hyaluronic layering process instantly transforms the skin and gives a glow and radiance that is truly magical! It is a makeup artist’s best friend".
Pati Dubroff
Celebrity Make-up Artist

“The Intraceuticals treatment helps capture the very essence of the most beautiful subjects”.
Steven Klein
Creative Photographic Artist

“Intraceuticals treatments do what no other product on the market can do! I’ve watched skin’s look and feel change right before my eyes. The treatments instant results make it a must have backstage at American Idol”
Mezhgan Hussainy
Leading Makeup Artist American Idol

“In just one 30 minute treatment, skin looks and feels rejuvenated, radiant, moisturized and fresh”.
Michelle Peck
Hollywood Skin Specialist

"The Intraceuticals treatment is the most effective way to achieve beautiful skin and flawless results."
Gina Brooke
Hollywood Makeup Artist

"Makeup artist Gina Brooke introduced me to Intraceuticals treatments in which I could visibly see immediate results. Using intraceuticals on movie sets will prep skin beautifully before any makeup application."
Jenny Shircore
Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist

"After a long haul flight from the UK to New York last year, my make-up artist introduced me to the Intraceuticals treatment. My skin looked dehydrated and tired but after a 30 minute treatment with Gina Brooke, I looked like I had had a weeks rest and I was amazed by the results. Everyone complimented me on my glowing skin and the results lasted. I would highly recommend this to anyone in a heart beat, I love the fact that this is a non invasive natural, easy to use and very pleasant way to look my best."
Katherine Jenkins
Welsh Soprano

"After having one treatment,I realized that I can't live with out it!! My schedule with traveling and working out, and sometimes a lack of sleep, I start feeling and looking a little worn out and this treatment puts the life back in my face. It's a miracle!!"
Bob Harper
The Biggest Loser USA Personal Trainer

"I just received a beautiful gift from Intraceuticals, I just wanted to thank you very much, I love the facials that Meg gives me, it really does help my skin stay vibrant during the long hours of filming on a TV set. The box that it arrived in is absolutely gorgeous too. Thank you very much."
Kristy Hinze
Australian Model, Actress and Television Host

"I love Intraceuticals treatment - it's the Hollywood insiders secret to a healthy and glowing complexion."
Byron Williams
Celebrity Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

"To Intraceuticals there are things that I have found to help me and then there is Intraceuticals... changed me!"
Channing Tatum

"I travel a lot and put a lot of stress on my skin as an actress, Intraceuticals treatment is a life saver. My skin literally glows from it! Thank you."
Jenna Dewan Tatum

"I always want to look my best on the red carpet. Intraceuticals treatments are the perfect way to make my skin glow."
Preity Zinta
Bollywood Actress

"I Love the Intraceuticals treatment it is the go to treatment for me and all of my clients. It leaves our skin glowing and ready for the perfect makeup application."
Gucci Westman
Makeup Artist

"On my most recent film I have used the Intraceuticals system on Susanne Bier and Trine Dyrholm. It has given them both such beautiful skin, plump and youthful… glamour in a glamour business."
Daniel Parker
Makeup Artist

"Not just a necessity but a joy and a treat for my skin. All these in just one word: Intraceuticals."
Crina Matei
Romanian Actress

Clients love the feel and results of Intraceuticals. I love the canvas it provides for flawless skin!
Ronit Shapow
Makeup Artist

According to Niels the secret of a beautiful make-up is not only the newest technique that
comes out of your hands, but most of all the PREPARATION of the skin. That’s why he also chooses, just like Gina, INTRACEUTICALS, pure oxygen technology.
Niels Jansen
Makeup Artist Netherlands

"Intraceuticals has been the best skincare range I have used in a long time, the results are visible immediately resulting in a long lasting moist, smooth skincare base that is ideal for flawless makeup application. All the products deliver beautiful skin maintenance and long lasting results, for me it's the new secret of the skin care ranges"
Attracta Courtney
Makeup Artist

“Intraceuticals O2…. 2 B in Heaven! A breathe of fresh air that works”
Mette Bloch
World Champion Rower Denmark

"Only thanks to Intraceuticals my clients skin becomes and remains PERFECT! Thanks".
Paolo Pinna
Makeup Artist

"Before meeting Intraceuticals I didn’t really know what oxygen was. Thanks"
Malika Ayane

"Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment provides radiant, glowing skin! It is an essential for me! "
Stacy London
What Not To Wear' USA.

"I used Intraceuticals Rejuvenate products on the actors and actresses of the feature film "Hitchcock" prior to makeup application. Intraceuticals is a makeup artists best friend because HDTV maximizes flaws but Intraceuticals minimizes them. While I love the Intraceuticals oxygen treatment the hectic film schedule did not always allow us the time for our actors to have it. Fortunately the Rejuvenate 3 step Hyaluronic layering system using the Rejuvenate Daily Serum, Hydration Gel and Moisture Binding Cream created a very similar effect to the treatment and only takes a couple minutes to apply. Intraceuticals is its own " special effect" and the feedback I got from the cast and other makeup artists on set was this is a must have product. I am thrilled to have it in my toolbox!"
Makeup Artist

"After just one treatment you look very relaxed like you`ve just slept for 20 hours and your skin is very soft. It`s a miracle! Your skin needs this vitamin complex each and every day to look that good "
Simona Patruleasa
TV Celebrity Romania.

"My skin is glowing thanks to Intraceuticals. Thank you for existing. "

“Television make up damages the skin. Intraceuticals protects me from every problem, each treatment offers me more radiance, hydration and my complexion looks impeccable since I`ve discoverer it.”
Adelina Pestritu
TV Celebrity

"Intraceuticals treatment is pure magic. After one session I`ve noticed that my skin is radiant and has an increased elasticity. I am so glad that I discovered this non invasive treatment, with immediate and long term benefits proven on my on skin. "
Maria Radu

"My skin loves the Intraceuticals treatment. After 40 minutes of collagen infusions my complexion feels as smooth as a baby’s."
Valentina Pelinel

"I fell in love with Intraceuticals. My skin is much more fresh after the antioxidant treatment. I`m eager to try the collagen one. Thank you Intraceuticals. "
Dana Sota
Beauty Consultant

"As a celebrity esthetician and make up artist I am not able to live without the intraceuticals oxygen facial machine. Cheek and brow lifts have happened right before my eyes while using this treatment. Lines are instantly diminished, the skin looks and feels amazing, and make up goes on flawlessly. Two of my favorite products are the Clarity Treatment Gel and Clarity Blemish Wand. I am constantly using these products at my station in the morning while I am prepping my actors. After a long day of shooting their blemishes are greatly diminished. "
Michelle Garbin
Makeup Artist for Sons Of Anarchy

"Tegan's Intraceuticals facial is a great way to unwind after a long day's work! My skin looks and feels great!"
Amaury Nolasco



"My intraceutical facial with Tegan Taylor was nothing short of magical! My skin came to life – plump and glowing. Love, love, LOVE IT!"
Janice P. Maize, CRPS
First Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Having struggled with acne for years I was apprehensive about using Intraceuticals. After two Vitamin A Booster treatments and after using the Clarity product line my skin has literally transformed. My clients are amazed with the products and the treatments. The results are mind blowing and that is no exaggeration! Thank you Intraceuticals for helping to make my skin glow and for keeping my clients happy.
Neeley Fort, Braxton Paul Salon and Spa
Amarillo, TX

I am a 40 year old woman who just received my first treatment from Alexandra Nishiki and I look like I did in high school. I feel like a renewed youth has enlightened my beauty even more.
Janel Ayers
Kauai Hawaii.

I have been an RN for over 16 years, and was very unsure of your product. Thank you for this wonderful gift. Tonya at Metropolitan Oasis, San Bernardino, CA provided my first treatment in December of 06. I have had 3 treatments - Wow - I get compliments everyday of the perfection of my skin. I am 46 years old.Ssh, my skin looks like a 29 year old. Secondly, for 30 years I would NEVER leave home without a complete makeover, even to the grocery store. After my first treatment, it has been 2 months makeup free. Thank you for FREEDOM. Ladies you are worth it.
Clarice Morris
California U.S.A

“I just completed my initial Clarity Treatment package, travelling over 600km round trip for each treatment and am happy to report dramatic improvements. The unique treatment support product line is a simple regime to maintain the great results. Definitely worth all the travel!”
Donna G.

I was invited to a promotion of Intraceuticals. My skin care specialist recommended the treatment would be beneficial for my skin. After attending I am ecstatic with the results. I am into my second course and could not be happier with the results.The procedure and follow up products are great. I will continue with them.
Fiona Ogilvie

I have suffered from rosacea for the last 10 years. I have always been self-conscious about my face. Since having the Intraceuticals facial treatment this year, I have seen a great improvement. My rosacea has settled immensely and my fine lines and blemishes have virtually disappeared. My skin feels and looks younger. I now have a facial every 6 weeks at Daleys Body & Beauty in Lara, and use the home products every night – which last for months. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any woman especially those suffering from rosacea
Debbie Miller

My name is Aaron and I received an Intraceutical treatment At Belle Pella with Gabe. I had the treatment done on my face following a laser treatment for hair removal. And immediately upon starting the treatment the burn from the treatment began to go away. After the treatment was complete there was absolutely no redness, no burn, and my skin felt amazing. More hydrated than even before the treatment. I will say that the cooling effect was nice while receiving the treatment but I was amazed when I sat up and looked at my face. My skin was hydrated, I had a fullness in my cheeks and lips and the way it glowed was amazing! Usually after a laser treatment my skin will be a bit red, tight and even dry but after doing the Intraceuticals treatment my skin felt better and like I had never had the laser treatment. I will highly recommend these treatments to my clientele and will be sure to use the treatments myself as I continue my laser treatments. Thank you so much for your time, Superior skin.
Lake Geneva, WI

Well, we have finished the 6 weeks of Intraceutical treatments and I am now addicted to the treatments and products!!! As you know, I am as big a lover of lotions and potions as you are and have throughout my life tried various different products for different needs as my skin has matured. Some of the products I have tried seemed to do a bit of what it was claiming to do but I really think that the treatments along with the products REALLY have made a huge difference in overall skin and indeed have fulfilled their promise.

When we started I really didn’t know what to expect. My skin is in good shape especially for my being well into my 40’s. I have fine lines around my eyes, and forehead and the beginnings of lines around my lips and mouth, some new dryness in and around my cheek area which I hadn’t had before. After the first week not only did I notice a significant improvement in hydration but my husband noticed as well.
It isn’t just that the fine lines are a bit smoother the new dryness has plumped up and become hydrated!!! I am so happy with the results of the treatments and the products that I panicked at the thought that we were nearing the end of the facials!!!!

I plan on continuing with the facials and I HAVE TO HAVE the products!! Because my skin is in such good shape, I didn’t expect a big difference in the results but I was SO wrong!! I have already told many of my friends about it and am excited to have them get their first treatment from you.

You have made me “GLOW” and I am so grateful that you asked me to try this product! Thanks so much for turning me on to Intraceuticals. I am happy there is a real product out there that really can “turn back time” or at least slow down the progress and appearance of “time marching across my face”.

My Client that I’ve been treating for a few years for melasma has been so frustrated. She’s been using Hydroquinone which really helped the melasma but made her face too white (She’s Hispanic) so she would stop then the melasma would come back. I did an opulence treatment on her then two days later she left me a voicemail saying “OH MY GOD what did you do to my skin? Whatever it was we need to do it again”. She bought a series! P.S. she’s been to many high end places in the past and no one could help her. Thanks Intraceuticals.
Lynn Bain

“In July of 2001 I encountered a skin condition on my face. It looked like a bumpy rash with a deep red-tone colour making me so self-conscious of my appearance that I became housebound When I had to go out I had to apply large amounts of makeup to cover it up. For 4 years I went through the cost, time and treatments of seeing doctors, dermatologists and holistic medicine experts. They prescribed medications, creams and changing my diet, all to no avail. No one could come up with a diagnosis or a cure. I felt I had exhausted all my resources. Earlier this year, I found myself at Cosabella. They treated me with your product “Intraceuticals Rejuvenation treatment”. After several treatments, I found a complete renewal of my skin. My complexion is getting better and better with each treatment. I also got an unexpected bonus of the circles and age lines around my eyes disappearing. I have had 8 treatments to date and will continue indefinitely. Intraceuticals Rejuvenation treatment is absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful of your company and your product. Thank you so very much for restoring my life back to the way it was through the amazing results of Intraceuticals Rejuvenation treatment has given me.”
Michele Gunther
Cosabella U.S.A.

I have been so pleased with the results from the Rejuvenate products I am ordering more today. Within the first few days of using Intraceuticals my skin looks different and definitely feels different. I am 41years old with 4 daughters, 21yrs, 19yrs, 17yrs old and I have just had another baby 10 months ago. Since my 20’s I have always used some sort of skincare on my face, I have tried most things available on the market from the generic chemist lines to Estee Lauder, Clarins, MD Formulations and SK-II. But after a couple of days your skin feels soft, however I didn’t really notice any real difference to the look of my face. Some of the creams or lotions I used had a funny smell and some even felt like my skin was irritated or stripped of its nutrients.

Recently I have really noticed the wrinkles on my face and was seriously considering Botox, much to my disgust of putting poison in your face, I thought this is my only option to getting a result. But on Sunrise (Channel 7) they were interviewing Gina and she recommended Intraceuticals Daily Serum and the results achieved by her celebrity following. I got on your website to have a look and bought the Daily Serum and the Travel Pack.

I have used the products for 4 days now, they smell and feel great on my skin. It doesn’t seem to sit on the surface of my face it actually feels like it is being absorbed, I feel firmer in the face, my complexion looks great and the lines on my face don’t look as etched they are a lot softer.

So now I have ordered the full size Rejuvenate Cleanser, Hydration gel and Binding cream, but I am also going to try the Atoxelene Line Wand and see if I can improve my results further.

Initially I found the Daily Serums price at the higher end of the scale, but I feel with the results I am having its definitely worth it. Finally I have found something that really works!! Thank you.
QLD Australia



“The Conrad Spa Algarve is a sanctuary of relaxation where you can enjoy the luxury of being yourself. Intraceuticals technology with it’s exclusive formula gives the guest a unique rejuvenating journey with tailor-made oxygen facials that brings our spa guests to their absolute best with immediate results.”
Antonio Martinho | read full testimonial
Spa Director Conrad Algarve Portugal

Intraceuticals is a highly valued partnership for us. Response time, support, and service are first class. My aestheticians are supremely confident in the results they can deliver with the line, and the retail sell through has been fantastic. Our Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial (Intraceuticals) has been a best seller and a staple of Red Carpet readiness this Award Season!
Derek Hofmann
Director of Spa Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles Beverly Hills

I never know what to expect... sensitivity, topical dehydration, dullness, blemishes – but I know that Intraceuticals can handle it all!
Eileen Harcourt
Professional Aesthetician
| read full testimonial

From a lunch time lift to the perfect post-treatment procedure…the Intraceuticals system offers something for everyone.
Dr. Lisa Kellett
Consulting Dermatologist at DLK on Avenue Toronto, Canada
| read full testimonial

The Intraceuticals treatment has added another dimension to my Dermatology SkinClinics and led to the opening of our MedSpa division.
Dr. Earl Minuk
Board Certified Dermatologist in both Canada and United States
| read full testimonial

These on-camera stars need fast results, no down time and a predictable improvement. The oxygen facial is one of the quick turn-around procedures they love.
Dr. Drew Ordon
Plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive Surgery Expert
| read full testimonial

As the results are instant and glowing they are a perfect fit before an event and for our celebrity clients…
Dr. Sandy Skotnicki-Grant
Medical Director Bay Dermatology Centre Toronto, Canada
| read full testimonial

It has given me the tool I need to give amazing ‘results driven’ treatments that my clients love; I have them hooked on the products as well.
Julia Hart
Julia Hart Facial Therapy Kent, UK
| read full testimonial

I am very excited about Intraceuticals and how fantastic the treatments make the skin look.
Kris Evans
Sex and the City Makeup Artist
| read full testimonial

… the main ingredient to our success has been the Intraceuticals Treatments.
Linda Youngblood
Spa Director The Spa at Willow Bend Plano, Texas
| read full testimonial

The Intraceuticals Oxygen system has provided greater and more lasting results from our treatments and our bottom line!
Lisa Cobb
Owner, Luxury on Lovers Dallas, Texas
| read full testimonial

It gives that “extra” glow. The combination of Oxygen and Serums is simply genius.
Marian Filali
Professional Makeup Artist Beverly Hills
| read full testimonial

We have nothing but excellent clinical and cosmetic results using the Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy
Patrick H. Bitter Sr MD.
Founder, Epi Center MedSpa
| read full testimonial

Intraceuticals treatments are my ‘go to treatment’ for firm, lifted, luminous red-carpet-ready skin.
Patty B Bunch
2 x Primetime Emmy Nominee
4 x Hollywood Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild Awards Nominee
Intraceuticals devotee
| read full testimonial

Intraceuticals treatments not only pamper my client’s skin to reach a more healthy and beautiful state, but has also help me provide flawless make-up for both camera and stage.
Roxanne Saffaie
Professional Fashion and Entertainment Make-up Artist
| read full testimonial

We are experiencing outstanding results utilizing the O2 Intraceuticals treatment as an adjunct to Fraxel laser treatment.
Steven R. Cohen M.D. F.A.C.S
Plastic Surgeon San Diego
| read full testimonial

“The addition of the Intraceuticals treatment to our Fraxel™ resurfacing protocols has made the treatment more of a positive experience for the patient and has increased our rebooking and retention. Anyone who experiences a Fraxel™ resurfacing treatment with an Intraceuticals treatment would never do the treatment without Intraceuticals.”
Dr. Scott Gerrish
Medical Director of Bellini Virginia US.
| read full testimonial



Our salon has had Intraceuticals for over a year. The machine and treatments work so well, that we had to purchase two more machines. Client feed back: Sheree is a 53-year old woman and has had 3 min face-lifts and her husband never makes a comment about her skins appearance. She had 60min Intraceuticals facial with us and could not believe how great her skin looked. When she went home the first thing her husband said to her was ..”whatever that girl did today go back for more, you look healthy”…

Barbara is a 40-year old woman who has never received a treatment in her life. Received a gift voucher for a 30 min Intraceuticals facial for her birthday from anIntraceuticals junky who comes to our salon every week for inhalation and 30 min mini Intraceuticals treatment. After the treatment was over, she was so impressed with her skin Barbara purchased a course of 60 min Intraceuticals facials.

Mario is a 24-year old guy who has a lot of congestion and acne, is very embarrassed of his skin appearance. He has been having micro dermabrasion with us but hates the way skin feels afterwards. We advised him to try an Intraceuticals treatment to see if this would help. He will now only have microdermabrasion with Intraceuticals treatment.
Total Bliss



“Intraceutical Oxygen Facials are wonderful and being the first to offer them in Toronto and really reveal them to Canada has been a rewarding experience. As the results are instant and glowing they are a perfect fit before an event and for our celebrity clients before TV appearances and photo-shots.
Dr.Sandy Skotnicki-Grant
Medical Director Bay Dermatology Centre Toronto Canada.

“The Intraceuticals Treatments are a clinic favourite due to the numerous and broad scope of benefits they offer our patients. From a lunch time lift to the perfect post-treatment procedure for ablative lasers and other advanced light and laser treatments, the Intraceuticals system offers something for everyone.
Dr. Lisa Kellett Consulting Dermatologist
DLK on Avenue Toronto Canada.

The Intraceuticals treatment has added another dimension to my Dermatology Skin Clinics and led to the opening of our MedSpa division. Clients seek treatments prior to Holiday events, weddings and gala events and as an addition for everyday skin care.
Dr. Earl Minuk
Board Certified Dermatologist in both Canada and United States.



Time for an update on how ‘the oxygen machine’ and Intraceuticals are being received by my clients. In a word – fabulous! They have completely embraced the product and without exception, are delighted with the non-botox face-lift results they see, even after the first treatment.Thank you for your introduction to this great product, and for your support in introducing it. You were credible and enthusiastic from the beginning, your enthusiasm excited my clients at the launch in February, and as a result the machine rapidly paid for itself. The payments over four months were easy and painless. Thank you again for the opportunity to introduce Intraceuticals to the Far North, I look forward to our ongoing relationship.
Bridget Freeland
Touch and Skin Therapy New Zealand



I searched the internet and found Intraceuticals, so I booked a treatment in London to see for myself if the amazing coverage was real or just hype. Well I was very impressed! I could actually see a difference in my skin and was greatly impressed by the serums, ingredients and the whole product line!
Julia Hart
Julia Hart Facial Therapy Kent UK.

I just had to let you know how delighted both we, and our patients are with the results of Intraceuticals Oxygen treatments.
There are two particular cases that really stand out for us that I would like to share with you.

Case 1 - When my client arrived at the clinic, I assessed her skin, which was excessively dehydrated. I immediately recommended we carry out an Intraceuticals Rejuvenate treatment.
We have recently invested in a Skin Analysis camera, and I used this to take a picture prior to the treatment, and then another immediately afterwards. The results were astounding!

Although we have always seen and felt a notable difference after Intraceuticals treatments, this was the first time we had subjective proof of the results.

The appearance of the sizeable patients pores appeared to decrease from 2335 to 94
The visible appearance of line and wrinkle count appeared to go down from 164 to 65
Skin smoothness improved by 24%
Pigmentation area count went down from 308 to 212

This just proves how wonderful and INSTANT the Intraceuticals Oxygen treatments really are.
Additionally, my patient reported that she felt her skin continue to improve over a two week period and her sister even commented on how good her skin looked. She has incredibly sensitive skin and suffers from dermatitis. Intraceuticals has really helped her.

Case 2 – This client suffers from rosacea has been coming to us for treatment for some time now, We have treated him with IPL and laser. His skin appeared particularly dehydrated one day and we suggested that he have an Intraceuticals treatment instead of his regular trearment. What a difference the treatment made to his skin!! He was thrilled to get a relaxing treatment that has visibly reduced the appearance of the redness in his skin. This gentlemen is one of Anna’s clients, so I had not seen him for a while. Last week when I opened the door to him, I could not believe the difference in his skin. It was a very cold and windy night and normally he would have been quite vascular, but his skin tone was completely normal !! He is delighted with the results and is now on his 2nd course he loves it so much.
Helen Cahill and Anna Willis
Courtney Bell Body Clinic UK.



I have been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years. I have been involved in every aspect from fashion to television and feature films. I have had experience with practically every product on the market My clients are used to the latest and greatest in skin care and makeup. I am very excited about Intraceuticals and how fantastic the treatments make the skin look.

My most recent projects have been Dirty Sexy Money and Sex in the City, The Movie. On Dirty Sexy Money I gave treatments to many of the cast members before applying makeup and there was a remarkable difference in the final results.

On Sex in the City, the movie I did treatments on Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis and again the results were fantastic. I will be working in Beijing for many on-air talent for the Summer Olympics and look forward to using Intraceuticals on all of my clients. After long hours of travel this treatment helps to freshen skin and help with the makeup application.
Kris Evans
Makeup Artist Hollywood 'Sex and the City the Movie'.

I have my share of celebrity clients, and Valerie’s treatment is fairly typical. These on-camera stars need fast results, no down time and a predictable improvement. The oxygen facial is one of the quick turn-around treatments they love.
Dr. Drew Ordon
Plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive Surgery Expert from televison show The Doctors.

“As a prominent Hollywood make-up artist, I am responsible for some of Hollywood’s best known & most ‘seen’ faces. Great skin is the foundation for great photos & high def cameras – Intraceuticals treatments are my ‘go to treatment’ for firm, lifted, luminous red-carpet-ready skin.”
“Since introducing Patricia Heaton to Intraceuticals on the set of FOX Televisions ‘Back To You’, her skin texture has changed radically. Maintaining Patricia’s camera-ready glow is easy – one 30 minute Intraceuticals treatment prior to the taping of every show.”
Patty B Bunch - 2 Time Primetime Emmy Nominee, 4 Time Hollywood Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild Awards Nominee most notably for her work on Will & Grace between 2000 & 2006. Intraceuticals devotee.

Through my line of work, I have the opportunity to try some of the best skin care products on the market. I want to let you know that I love the Intraceuticals Opulence line. It keeps my skin looking alive even after long sleepless nights trying to make deadlines. My skin is brighter and more hydrated than it has ever been, ever! Yes, there are good products out there but hands down, this is the coup de gras!
Kat Donnell
International journalist and Wall Street Journal contributor.

The skin becomes moist and supple, wrinkles seem to fill up, and it is a fantastic base before applying make-up. The process is extremely relaxing and the transformation truly magical. My friend Gina Brooke introduced me to Intraceuticals when we contributed on a project with Madonna.
Marian Filali
Professional Makeup Artist Beverly Hills.

Intraceuticals Treatments not only pamper my client’s skin to reach a more healthy and beautiful state, but has also help me provide flawless make-up for both camera and stage.
Roxanne Saffaie
Professional Fashion and Entertainment Make-up Artist.

"We are experiencing outstanding results utilizing the Intraceuticals system.
Steven R. Cohen
M.D. F.A.C.S Plastic surgeon in San Diego.

We have nothing but excellent clinical and cosmetic results using the Intraceuticals treatments. Initially we were using the treatments indicated by the manufacturer as a stand alone. Once we discovered its soothing and hydrating component to the skin, we began incorporating this treatment into our PhotoFacial sm Elite protocol. The treatment works well post chemical peel for sun damaged skin. Its hydrating and lightening components are a compliment to the results of the chemical peel as well as post fractional resurfacing.
Patrick H. Bitter Sr. MD
Founder Epi Center MedSpa. Developer of the PhotoFacial Treatment Protocol.

I regularly give treatments to the celebrity and fashion photographer, Steven Klein and the Editor in Chief of Style.com, Candy Pratts-Price always has treatments during fashion week. I recently applied the Intraceuticals oxygen treatment to the models at the VPL fashion show and worked with the Mac Make-up team to create a luminous modern glow, the results were amazing and everyone was thrilled!
Eileen Harcourt
Professional Aesthetician.

It has been almost a year since we began offering Intraceutical Oxygen treatments at the salon and I wanted to let you know how great it is going. My celebrity clients go crazy for this treatment. For many the salon has become their first stop after traveling and many insist I travel on location with the machine to photo shoots, press junkets, etc. Our list of celebrity clients that love the treatment include Baz Luhrmann, oscar winner Catherine Martin, Lydia Hearst, Vanessa Carlton, Natasha Bedingfield, Mario Cantone, Rocco DiSpirito, along with many beauty editors, TV producers, lifestyle print and internet writers, and more. This was absolutely a great investment for the salon, nearly everyone who has this treatment once books their return appointment before leaving!! Last, but certainly not least, it has always been the greatest pleasure to work with you. Sincerely, Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas Beauty New York.

From 1980-2000 I worked in Hollywood as a makeup artist for film and television. Every day actors would come into the makeup trailer and inevitably ask, “Can you take 10 years off my face?” We’d all smile and laugh but think to ourselves...”Sorry, honey, it’s a brush, not a wand!” I left the movie business and moved to Hawaii in 2000 to start a new life as a healer. As a makeup artist I loved to transform people, to show them just how beautiful they could be.

But I always longed to go deeper. I wanted to peel away all the outer layers to reveal one’s true inner beauty. For 20 years in Hollywood I had painted masks onto people, now I had finally found a way to help them take them off.

In 2003, I started working at the Ritz-Carlton on Maui as an esthetician. I learned to give a great facial, continued to do some makeup but longed to give our guests a deeper experience...to be transformed from their time on Maui. The Ritz-Carlton property in Kapalua is an extraordinary place with a fascinating history. As they were building the hotel, an ancient burial site was discovered on the property. The energies there are extremely potent. I started doing my healing work there and had incredible success with my sessions. After working there for 4 years the property closed down for renovations. I was then invited to be the Lead Esthetician at the Ritz-Carlton property that would be opening in Dallas in August, 2007.

Our spa director, Julie Motley attended the ISPA conference and came back with an Intraceuticals machine. Deirdre Burke came to the spa and I watched as she gave a few treatments and experienced one for myself. I listened to the spiel about Madonna and thought, “well, we’ll see”. I promote NOTHING that my heart does not believe in and I will sell NOTHING that I have not personally seen results from.

As we were still in training, I wasn’t able to receive regular weekly treatments but had a few here and there. When I received the 5th treatment it was like a miracle had happened. I looked YOUNGER! I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. I just looked YOUNGER and was I ever excited! When I get excited about something and put my energy into it... watch out. I started up-selling every single facial that I had been booked to an Intraceuticals treatment. When I had a male client,I would simply ask if they wanted to “try something new!’

My excitement was infectious. 9 out of 10 guests tried it and I started booking series after series. When I would finish a series on a guest, they were so happy with the results, they would often book another. I started doing so many treatments that the other girls in my department soon needed a machine for themselves. The Intraceuticals system has tripled the revenue of our facial department. It’s easier on my body than doing facials, the oxygen makes me feel great, even after an 8 hour day and the results, well, I have taken 20 years off of several of my guests. I wish I had a photo of one woman. She had crevices so deep that I could not figure out how that could happen to someone’s face. It reminded me of a dried-up apple doll. She had nursed her sick husband for the past 15 years and it showed. I started working on her and watched with joy as I was able to give this lovely woman a new lease on life. She then came back for a 2nd series and like me, she’s hooked. She looks radiant...her skin is glowing and her deep crevices have softened 90%. I worked on her one day and as I watched her deep lines disappearing I smiled to myself and thought, “I finally have the wand!”

I LOVE this system, I LOVE the support I receive from Deirdre and Katherine, our rep. and I LOVE having found another way to reveal someone’s true beauty. I feel like I’m feeding nectar to my client’s skin and I feel good about what I’m doing for them. It’s a win/win for both of us.
Sheri “Sundari” Short
Lead Esthetician Ritz Carlton Texas U.S.A.

The Intraceuticals treatment is truly a favorite among my patients. We are known for giving intense result-driven treatments at the Epicenter MedSpa, so I was a bit wary of bringing on a treatment that does not involve a little bit of recovery time. But this treatment is fabulous. The results are instant and longer lasting than I expected. I always do half a face and let the patient sit up to compare sides. They are always shocked at the instant lift and plumping action of their skin.

This is a great stand alone treatment for dehydration and does wonders to help bring down inflammation of the skin. The Oxygen Facial works miracles to speed up the healing time and reduce sensitivity after aggressive Photofacials, Photodynamic Therapy and Fractionated Ablative Treatments. And of course this is a must-have treatment for a special event-who doesn’t want to have plump, glowing skin?
Lara Ballis
Director of Clinical Esthetics EpiCenter Medspa U.S.A.

The Opulence serums have restored radiance and plumped up the complexion of all clients I have treated, making it a revolutionary break through in skincare treatments. I absolutely love it and will continue to combine it with additional modalities!!!
Kelly Horton
Medical Esthetician Faces Plus, Dr.Stephen Cohen, La Jolla, California U.S.A.

Our bodies need oxygen to survive and nutrients to maintain good health. Our skin is the largest organ on our body so it makes perfect sense to feed and replenish our skin on a regular basis with nutrients and oxygen . . . the reason Intraceuticals works!
Linda Youngblood
Director of The Spa at Willow Bend.

My name is Zina I am an estethician at Aphrodite Skin Care in New York. I have a background in pharmacy of twenty years,and and am an estethician with a Cidesco diploma for nineteen years. I would like to share my testimonial of my experience with your company and to say thank you . I work with many companies and products, but none deliver the immediate results of the rejuvenating serum, and opulence brightening serum.

With your products, it is easy to achieve professional results immediately and bring damaged skin back to life. Clients are always happy and are eager to come back for more oxygen treatments. Thank you again for everything, and I need to share my experience with acne prone skin. I have a lot of clients with ance prone skin. I started my experiment two years ago when I began working with your company. I am very happy to work with rejuvenating serum for the problem skin. After a series of six oxygenating treatments, each and every client has seen the best results, acne is minimized and skin becomes healthier. The serum helps the skin to become more moisturized and hydrated, and the antioxidants help to balance free radical damage and helps the skin to become healthier naturally without medication or drugs. My clients and I are very happy to work with your company. Thank you very much once again.
Estethician at Aphrodite Skin Care in New York.

As a 25 year veteran in the skin care business, I am rarely impressed enough to write a testimonial. Well, with Intraceuticals, I am that impressed! It does what they say it does and clients are calling me to say their husbands are even complimenting their fresh, plumped faces! Enough said; thank you Intraceuticals!
Alexandra Nishiki
Kapaa, Kauai.

" I have had the honor of working on celebrities throughout my 30 year career in my Medical Aesthetics Clinic. Since the evolution of high definition cameras everyone is looking for the "fairy dust". The single most requested thing in my office is "make me look like my photo shopped pictures". I feel most topical products promise perfection but give a minimal improvement, if any, requiring frequent use over an extended period time. Hardly worth the effort or the money. Nor have I seen many facials that were much more than a "feel good" experience.

The Intraceuticals treatment is the "magic" we have been seeking. It plumps, firms and gives you the radiant, flawless red carpet look in one deliciously feel-good hour. The Daily Serums (for the patient to take home) fly off my shelf. I have tried everything short of surgery to keep the beautiful flawless skin of my youth. I always do a half face study on everything, and the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate and Atoxelene Daily Serums are the only thing I cannot live without on my face other than sunscreen.

I am proud to say that even at 52 years old with the help of Intraceuticals, I am still wrinkle free and everyone comments about my skin where ever I go. "
Sherry Smith
Owner of Skin Technology
Irving, TX

"We're thrilled to offer the most sought after, runway worthy, celebrity touted Intraceuticals oxygen treatment at the Skin Care Institute. Movie stars love it...and so do our clients. "
Judy Alexander
Spa Director Skin Care Institute Tulsa, OK

"I have worked with Intraceuticals for two years and the glowing results that Intraceuticals delivers to the skin is unlike anything else in this business. The revenue that Intraceuticals has generated for me has been astounding and I have clients that travel from Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York for my treatments. Intraceuticals is my number one selling treatment...my clients love it and so do I!"
Naz Panjwani
Owner of Skin by Naz Grapevine, TX

Beautiful Skin At Any Age is Aesthetic Options Medical Spa's motto and utilizing the Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment on our clients certainly makes it easier to live up to the motto. The immediate results are amazing and the continued improvements are what keeps our clients coming back.
Nancy Hill, MSN, RNC, ANP.
Aesthetic Options Medical Spa, San Antonio, TX

In January of 2012 I had treated a young man with IPL for full beard reduction. After the treatment he was uncomfortable and had some erythema. I decided to perform an Intraceuticals rejuvenating treatment on him. The INSTANT result was AMAZING! Erythema, redness, discomfort…GONE! His cheeks looked like I had just injected fillers. He reported no downtime after the IPL treatment followed by the Intraceuticals treatment. He usually has 2 days of irritation following the IPL treatment. I am an RN who has been performing laser treatments for over 20 years. I have never seen anything like the results the Intraceuticals treatment had on this patient. I am truly amazed and impressed. There are many products and treatments out there. This is one I believe in. I still can’t believe the transformation I witnessed. AMAZING, AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Gabrielle Kochell, RN
Bella Pelle Medspa and Laser Lake Geneva, WI

I just want to take a minute and tell you how pleased I have been with the service I have received from Olga Batrich. She came out to Kansas City to train me on a used machine I had bought from a local salon. I have just opened my skincare studio and was a little overwhelmed with having to do an opening order with Intraceuticals. She was so encouraging and offered to help me do a VIP Launch. That day I was able to listen to her presentation with each client that came in. Not only did I get to hear her presentation over and over, but we sold 9 course kits that day. I have since sold 4 more. Olga's professionalism, patience, and encouragement have helped me to be incredibly successful with the product and the treatments! Olga and Intraceuticals have allowed me to take my business to a higher level of service and professionalism and I am very grateful for that! Thank you for hiring such a knowledgable sales representative. I look forward to continuing this very positive relationship between myself, Olga, and Intraceuticals.
Ginnie Baker
Glow Skincare Studios www.glowskincarestudios.com

"I have been a medical aesthetician for the last 20 years and I have not seen a product line or treatment that does what Intraceuticals does to give the WOW factor. It never ceases to amaze me! It's great for fine lines, dehydrated skin and after a treatment there is an unsurpassed healthy glow to the skin...it seems to be a continual promise from Intraceuticals. We also use Intraceutical treatments to cool and calm the skin down after laser treatments. The products are a MUST. No product on the market makes your skin look as subtle and healthy as Intraceuticals! I was a skeptic and now I'm a believer!!! Our patients love the Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments and we love giving them as well!"
Michelle Dow
Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center, Dallas, TX www.advancedfacialplastic.com

"Intraceuticals has become a fun and effective quick treatment that our clients have truly enjoyed. However, we're finding the process's greatest value is that it's helping us pioneer the implementation of continuous anti-aging here in San Antonio. The soothing process of using Hyaluronic Acid generates amazing results while allowing us to hold true to our premise of being a pain-free spa."
Rob Hollis
Owner of Zespa San Antonio, TX www.myzespa.com

"During the past 6 years I have worked with many different skin care lines. None, and I mean NONE compare to Intraceuticals. From the very first treatment the skin magically transforms to what my clients describe as 'flawlessness'. My clients walk out looking ten years younger. You need to experience it to feel and discover the difference. How old you are is your business. How old you look is mine!"
Connie Virani
Owner of Spa Esthetica Plano, TX

"As a skin care therapist with a desire to affect a positive and lasting change in my clients skin, I have to look no further than the amazing results of an Intraceuticals treatment! The power of instant glowing results coupled with the promise of long lasting sustainable results for my clients has been tremendous! My clients are addicted AND SO AM I. Thank you Intraceuticals for allowing me to grow my passion and profession to new heights."
Sonia-Joffrion Davis
Le Roche Bleu Day Spa Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I recommend my new clients a course of Intraceuticals oxygen treatments no matter what skin type as the skin must be hydrated before any other correction of a skin condition can take place. Intraceuticals is also the ideal treatment for acne and sensitive skin and a go to rehydrating treatment for my traveling clientele. Of course I always recommend this treatment before special events or occasions as it makes skin picture perfect immediately. The Intraceuticals at home regimen products always alleviate my clients symptoms of dehydrated skin!"
Catharina Pehrson Skincare
Corpus Christi, TX

"I have been in the skincare business for over thirty years and I've traveled and lived in four continents. I have worked with numerous skincare lines since the inception of skincare entering into mainstream. I've never found a product line that so dramatically enriches the skin to the degree that this line does. Ever! Working with a product line that bases its ingredients on those that our body manufactures is integral to restoring damaged skin back to health and preventing future damage from occurring. We have found that incorporating Intraceuticals treatments and products with our oncology services has be life changing for clients who are on a challenging path. The Intraceuticals system is so versatile and it has allowed me to incorporate it in multiple services. Intraceuticals has allowed me to enhance those services to deliver optimal results for my clients which is what this business is all about."
Monika Norman
Owner of Spa Esoteric, McKinney, TX

"The Intraceuticals treatments are our number one selling treatments. We continue to watch our clients' skin go from dull and lifeless to full, lifted and rejuvenated in minutes. This phenomenal treatment is our signature treatment because it works and delivers 100% of the time."
Brandi Hardin
Owner of Esthetiques Skin Spa Memphis, TN

"I have been in the skincare business for over seven years and I have never worked with a line that delivers as quickly and as cumulatively as Intraceuticals. Belfiore's clients continue returning for their follow up treatments which proves that this magical line delivers outstanding results! "
Haley Crespo, Aesthetician
Belfiore Salon and Day Spa, Rockwall, TX

Hyaluronic Acid is the key delivery system for the products and the treatments.
Nothing works better and that is why I carry Intraceuticals in my business.
Using Intraceuticals products on a daily basis almost instantaneously turns back the clock on your skin ten years!
Carrie Winn
Owner of Pure Skin in Tulsa, Oklahoma

I opened Rania Facial Studio over six years ago and Intraceuticals has been my number one selling treatment! Why, you ask? Because the treatments and the products deliver results instantly and cumulatively. Most of my clients are addicted to Intraceuticals because no other treatment system or line of products correct and prevent aging like this line.
Rania Saleh
Owner of Rania Facial Studio. Plano, TX www.raniafacialstudio.com

Intraceuticals products and treatments deliver results like no other line we offer at Bella Rinova Uptown Houston. My clients typically invest in an Intraceuticals course series to correct skin issues and the instantaneous and long term results are absolutely astounding! My clients and I love Intraceuticals.
Deborah Michelson, Aesthetician
Bella Rinova Spa & Salon, Uptown Houston, TX

For eight years I have worked with Intraceuticals. Watching my clients' skin instantly plump and lift never ceases to amaze me. Intraceuticals treatments and their line of products work beautifully with all of the
other services that I offer at my Dallas studio. It is one of the best selling treatments at Fresh Faces because it delivers outstanding results every single time!
Marilee St. Louis
Owner of Fresh Faces Dallas, TX

"None other like this out there! All of our guests who try Intraceuticals are addicted, and come consistently. Thank you for infusing oxygen into our lives here at The Sanctuary in Houston!"
Kim Chang, Spa Director

Intraceuticals is the real deal. My clients are astonished at the quick and long lasting results they get following their treatment. They leave Top Spa with hydrated, firmer and younger looking skin—in an instant. They are actually glowing from the inside out! I never have to worry about “over-selling” the results, because Intraceuticals delivers. Time and again. As an aesthetician I'm impressed with the science and philosophy behind the treatments and the products, but my clients are just amazed with their “new” complexion. Thank you Intraceuticals!
Holly Tanella
Owner & Medical Aesthetician of Top Spa, Allen, TX

“Intraceuticals treatments are my absolute favorite to help detox the skin topically. We find that our patients regularly using Intraceuticals maintain their healthy skin even through hot, Texas summer sun. I’m about to turn 48 and I swear by this stuff!”
Terri Suresh, RN, MSN, ACNP, Founder of Hormonal Health, Wellness and Aesthetic Centers of Southlake and Rockwall, Texas

After 15 years in the resort spa business I have to say that Intraceuticals is truly the first
results driven skincare treatment that I have encountered. The Intraceuticals hyaluronic acid
technology is unmatched in this industry!
Paul Cavazos, Manager of Spa by J.W.
J.W. Marriott Houston Downtown


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